We weave research, strategy, and project management to help you move from idea to action.

Today's foundations, non-profits, and educational institutions know that research is the linchpin of reform. It can shine light on areas for improvement. It can highlight promising strategies. It can provide evidence of impact. 

We are awash in research and data. But using them to effectively drive evidence-based transformation is not easy. How do practitioners make sense of data? What should they do with the findings? What happens when research findings are contradictory? Or when they direct us to take actions that don't fit within budget constraints or long-standing organizational cultural norms?


Phase Two bridges the gap.

We help funders, practitioners, and non-profits make use of research and data. We take the perspective that it isn't enough to have a great idea or great intentions. You also need to pay close attention to the messy "phase two" of reform: the work that happens between identifying a problem or reform, and getting it up and running. We help organizations focus attention on the comprehensive nature of transformation, rooting their changes in evidence, but staying sensitive to local context.

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